Steiff Paddy Teddy bear(027222)size35cm


Steiff Paddy Teddy bear(027222)size35cm

Steiff Paddy Teddy bear(027222)size35cm


Paddy Teddy bear

Fabric animals as toys? A new era in children’s toys...

 When the first little elephant from Margarete Steiff’s workshop was sold in 1880, this paved the way for a new worldwide phenomenon – soft toys made of plush. 

This was the stuff of countless children’s dreams, with these toy animals playing a central role in their imaginations.

 As well as being invitingly cuddly, they are companions, comforters and a constant source of ideas. 

Since then, millions of friends for life have made the journey from the Swabian town of Giengen to new homes all over the world. 

They live their own personal stories and create lasting memories. They are loved, cherished, occasional forgotten, found again, collected and inherited. 

The quintessential classic is the popular Teddy bear. Here he is represented by the particularly handsome Paddy.

 He stands a proud 35 cm tall and is made from the finest blonde mohair. 

Only his chest is white. Paddy is 5-way jointed and has felt soles and paws. 

His black eyes are attentive and friendly, and his black nose and mouth make for a wonderfully classic Teddy bear face

 Paddy Teddy bear will bring great joy to anyone who has him and is sure to get a place of honour right away. He will make any collector’s heart beat faster.

CAUTION! This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.

with “Button in Ear” made of brass

made of finest mohair

Do not wash, Do not bleach, Do not tumble dry, Do not iron, Do not dry clean

 surface washable

 stuffed with synthetic filling material

 with safety eyes

 5-way jointed

 Classification CE

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